Xref colors not updating chronological dating techniques

Xref colors not updating

I will be the first to admit that this feature and the site in general is rough around the edges but nonetheless its effective, I hope this helps!-- Andy Do not use on Local Let Projects, use RCOC12PCL. Added paragraph under section Traffic Signal Work: General.If used in contract use a minimum of 500 Cyd as a directed quantity.For Subgrade, Undercutting, Class II use MDOT Std Pay item.If you have a culvert that is less than 3 ft of cover and is under the influence of the road you should use concrete Cl E pipe.Pipes that are lined with Conc, or HMA could also be considered. Polymer is most effective if it is used in at least the top 3" to 4" of asphalt, so the top two courses are usually the ones with polymer in them. Made changes to the acceptance of residential and commercial driveways, and what happens when there is a dispute. Conc Pavt, Ovly, Finishing and Curing (Syd) Conc Pavt, Ovly, Furnishing and Placing (Cyd) Conc Pavt, Ovly, with Integral Curb, Finishing and Curing (Syd) Conc Pavt, Ovly, with Integral Curb, Furnishing and Placing (Cyd) This SP is for GABION Faced MSE Walls.Please note that the Temporary (Construction) Traffic Control section of the General Notes has been updated.To maintain street approach access, a temporary HMA ramp may be required as directed by the engineer.

Be careful with the 60 day delayed acceptance from RPM and Turf Establishment, Performance, RCOC. Updated the project schedule submittal requirements. Use on all projects that require shop drawings for contruction.You will need to know when you downloaded the SP's and the best way to do this is to look at the date created property of the file which is accessed by right clicking the file and click properties.For example, if you download the SP's on January 1, 2014 (140101) and when you submit for final months later you would enter 140101 to see which SP's are newer.I don't think we need them for commercial drives, though. This is basicly MDOT's including RCOC Gabion Baskets.Regular PG 64-22 should be adequate for all driveways. Be sure to inlcude toe following RCOFUSP's as required for this SP: Backfill, Selecet, RCOC Geosynthetics(No Payitem) - These items are included in wall and not paid for separately.

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This is what it looks like for the top three internet applications: -- Andy The site has been updated and I have just added a new feature.

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