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Lab Corp strongly encourages all clients to physically safeguard fax machines, so that the location, access, and use of such machines comply with all HIPAA requirements.In the baseball card industry, scams, counterfeits and rip-off artists have always existed.The undersigned health care provider hereby authorizes Lab Corp and its subsidiaries to send patient protected health information (PHI) as defined by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) to the fax number listed below.Additionally, the undersigned health care provider understands that it has deemed such transmission is necessary for the purposes of health care treatment, payment, and/or health care operations.To detect if a holder has been opened or tampered with, the easiest way is to analyze the edges of the holder.PSA designed the edges of the holders to “frost” when opened.The cert numbers on the flip are actual cert numbers and can be matched up with PSA’s database, however these numbers can easily be found and have no bearing on authenticity.The easiest way to check flip authenticity is by looking at the bar code.

However, the differences in these areas are often so minute, it can be very difficult to determine authenticity solely based on these attributes.The scam, which originated in California, involved selling high dollar counterfeit cards in legitimate PSA holders.First, the scam artists buy several low dollar PSA graded cards.All of the fake flips utilize legitimate cert numbers, so if the cards are looked up in PSA database, they will match the card in the holder, but realize these numbers can be easily obtained and have no meaning on determining whether the card is authentic or not.The cards used in the scam are higher dollar mid-hi grade examples that are high in demand.

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However, in 1991, the “savior” of the industry arrived, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

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