Windows 2016 dns reverse lookup not updating gay dating show date my mom

Windows 2016 dns reverse lookup not updating

Solution: The check now first tries to load Sym from the Symantec installation path.If the fails to load from there, only then does the check try to load this file from the system path.Fix ID: 3961096 Symptoms: An Auto-Protect detection on the server displays the message “Requested Action_17” instead of a general failure error.Solution: Modified the reverse scan to return a “file not found” code instead of a generic fail code if the detected file doesn't exist anymore due to a previous remediation.Solution: For fingerprint lists collected through clients, the description does not change through automatic update in the console.File fingerprint list can be automatically updated through FTP, instead of importing manually.Solution: Changed the way the DNS lookup cache refreshes when the DNS server IP changes due to network updates, so that the hostname always resolve and location switching is prevented.Fix ID: 3926000 Symptoms: After you delete SEPM administrators, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager database does not delete them.

Solution: Updated to delete any existing 0 byte or delta file, to prevent the blocking of AV definition updates.

Fix ID: 3877677 Symptoms: An Auto-Protect exception for a sub-folder of a mapped drive does not work if drive was mapped to sub-folder of share.

Solution: Fixed discrepancies in the relative paths, which are needed for the exception.

When you create an Encrypting File System (EFS)-encrypted file and attempt to write it to a USB drive, the action unexpectedly generates a zero-byte file on the USB drive.

For a non-EFS-encrypted file, the write fails and no file name is generated, which is expected.

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