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Was that just a last-ditch effort to take her down and ensure she didn’t get a happy ending? Also, because the thing that’s always rattling through Victoria’s mind is the people that she still cares about and the people she still needs to protect.

Knowing that David Clarke, because she still had vague consciousness when David Clarke was saying everything he was doing—but she doesn’t know how Emily feels about Charlotte, or Patrick, or the few people out there that she cares about.

I didn’t quite understand the reveal about who Victoria’s father really is. When she came back, her mother was dating a new man who essentially molested Victoria—and her mother, being such a horrible human being, blamed her daughter for essentially enticing the man who Victoria, in that scene that you saw last night, learned to be her father. But her mother was trying to say that you didn’t get your heart from your father, your father was an even more lecherous person than I was.

Can you talk about Victoria’s decision to shoot Emily?

But once Jack (Nick Wechsler) was caught in the crossfire, Emily vowed to kill her nemesis once and for all.But the Nolan thing was mostly the cliffhanger there. And that Louise understood that she didn’t see Victoria for who she was, and ultimately, did the most powerful thing she has ever done, which was go back to Emily and Nolan.We loved the idea that she was in the inner circle, because we had to build her in—because if there was another season, we basically were going to have her buy the land of Grayson Manor and build this beautiful Southern estate on it, and she would be another big player in the Hamptons.So was Nolan’s happy ending just to be able to help other people who need revenge?Yes, but also that he’s absolutely able to stand on his own.

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There’s also this undercurrent of, it’s her last act of revenge but also of protection, but it is to ensure Emily/Amanda doesn’t get her happy ending. Yes, which is why you knew exactly what happened with Charlotte.

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