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However, the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle lists some 2,500 items written between 3 AD.

In other words: The Theory of Evolution is based on nothing more than what Scientists WANT to be True about how they think life might possibly have arrived on Planet Earth and is actually MUCH Less Scientific than that we were What if at many locations around the world -- either in or around coal seams -- many thousands of trees have been found to be buried at various angles to the strata: i.e.upright, oblique (or at an angle) or prostrate (or perpendicular) to the surrounding strata: and very often with their Could it be that the way the media "reports" on this, or by the facts they choose NOT to report on, has had a detrimental effect, not only on the perception of the public at large, but also on our courts and children, -- who are still being taught in public schoolsof the American Public agrees with evolutionary theory as it is still taught in our Public Schools -- And that the Scientific Evidences for Creation (and/or against evolution) should also be taught in Public Schools?And in this regard, 'scientists' are supposed to aid us and NOT dictate what (they believe) the truth may be BEFORE they know it to be true, and can demonstrate it to be a Fact.Was it, "In the Beginning God," who created the heavens and the earth: and us, or was it nothing (???

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This is NOT about Religion, but about Truth, for the fact is that we exist; this is True because the world exists and we exist simply because every day when we wake up, we are still the same person only a day older.

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