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I haven't said too much about this book because a) I wanted to make sure there was a good sized backlog so it'd stay on schedule and b) until it was closer to the debut.

What's cool about this series -- which is in answer to folks who asked, of all the books I could've done at DC, why TB&B, which isn't normally in the top sellers -- is that it lets me put together characters from anywhere I want in the DC universe into stories that have a complex moral center to them.

Once folks find out what we're actually going to do, I think they'll be most pleased.

As noted, it's primarily mainstream with a touch of genre to it, and it should be a lot of fun.There's not much I can say about that, that would be more telling than the telling of it. 6 related to JMS doing a re-write of FORBIDDEN PLANET.One site reported that FORBIDDEN PLANET was going to be a remake and more of a continuation.Each of the issues are stand-alones, and have some of the best stuff I've done in comics lately.The first issue features Batman and Dial H for HERO in a story about self-sacrifice; the second features the (Barry Allen) Flash and the Blackhawks in a tale that asks "when, if ever, is it right to kill?

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Forry broke the news, which I suppose was bad enough, but this is what happened in the aftermath, per Harlan Ellison, who told me about it at the time. When the Forry letter arrived, Harlan called me from Bob's house and read it over the phone. Harlan and Forry never spoke again from that day on.

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