United states porno

United states porno

That roughly means that the top 500 members of the Soviet state could not be investigated by the KGB at all.Furthermore, such was the subordination of the KGB to the Party that for common criminal matters the KGB was barred from investigating any member of the entire Soviet Nomenklatura, roughly 3 million people (and even bigger mistake! But in the case of Flynn, several US security agencies can decide to investigate a man who by all standards ought to be considered at least in the top 5 US officials and who clearly has the trust of the new President. By the same logic, the three letter agencies might as well investigate Trump for his telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin.Yes, according to recent reports, the FBI, CIA, National Security Agency and Treasury Department are now investigating the telephone conversations between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyk.

What Trump needs for that is a 100% trusted and 100% faithful men as the director of the FBI, a man with “” (to use the expression of the founder of the Soviet Secret Police, Felix Dzerzhinsky).Do you remember the pretty face of Neda, who “died on TV” in Iran?Well, let me introduce you to Bana Alabe, who wrote a letter to President Trump and, of course, the media got hold of the latter and now she is the “face of the Syrian children”. Okay, click here and take a look at a sampling of anti-Trump caricatures and cartoons complied by the excellent Colonel Cassad. From this nauseating collection, I will select just two: The first one clearly accuses Trump of being in the hands of Putin.Watch how MCNBS’s talking head blissfully reporting this event: Make no mistake, such protest are no more spontaneous than the ones in the Ukraine.Somebody is paying for all this, somebody is organizing it all. One more example: Remember the pretty face of Nayirah, the Kuwaiti nurse who told Congress that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers tossing our babies from Kuwaiti incubators (and who later turned out to be the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States)?

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And if he doesn’t – he can create it, if needed by sending special forces to ensure “collaboration”.

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