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Thai chat

(Above) You activate Chat Lines by clicking the 'I'm Online' illustration.In this way you can chat one to one with the other Premium Member.

A growing body of research finds that females and males display different participation patterns online.You can also save conversations, access chat histories and have audio visual communication.(Below) You must wait a few seconds while Instant Messenger connects with the party on the other side.You must type in a first message to activate the chat lines connection with the other user online.We analyze turn-taking and response patterns in light of Sacks, Schegloff and Jefferson's (1974) model of turn allocation in face-to-face conversation, taking into consideration the independent variable of participant gender.We also analyze use of, and responses to, flirtation in the chat room.

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Moreover, everyone is in principle free to self-select (Lunsford, 1996), and turns are posted democratically in the order received by the system.

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