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By no means am I asking you to go against your heart 😉 However if you’d be willing to consider a different point of view…you might find that the Universe has an easier time bringing an ideal compatible romantic partner to you through the vehicle of online dating.And yet I’d still willingly fall into flings with these guys. One Friday night, I’d double-booked myself on two dates.After about a half-dozen such romances, I’d finally had enough. I was meant to have early drinks with bachelor number one, followed by a casual cocktails-and-appetizers date with bachelor number two.After trying our hand at a “real” date, Will and I realized our sizzle was at its highest within the four walls of my apartment.So we laid down some ground rules: we were allowed to date other people, so long as we were honest about it.

That’s such a beautiful desire 🙂And is it possible that you’re focusing more on reasons not to get out there than the actual fear of being hurt again? I would be honored to speak with you personally about the possibility of supporting you and your dating journey, healing any wounds, releasing anything from the past, and truly celebrating the process of dating and relationship!And while we’d go out to shows and bars together, we agreed that we'd hang just as friends. He’d sing me Johnny Cash songs in a thick southern accent.He hung all of the shelves in my apartment, cooked me chicken and dumplings from scratch, and, real talk, was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. One day, Will told me that he’d met someone he was interested in pursuing seriously, but that he’d end things with her if I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.What if you considered that the dangers were no greater or less than any other form of dating? xox What if you decided that you were willing to do whatever it took to meet your beloved, even online dating?What if you even decided that it’s OK if it still feels a little taboo… What if you decided you were going to enjoy the journey no matter what or how it unfolds?

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You might find who you become navigating new waters is an even more confident alive person!

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