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Skype woman in dayton oh

So consumers are overpaying, and likely buying the wrong products.Additionally, the MLM structure sucks for the Primerica representatives.

Sitting there listening, my mind went back to the phone call that him and I had, when my interview was booked.

He also deceived the new Primerica representative, telling her that he was helping her and teaching her how to recruit people into her downline, only to keep some of the recruits for himself.

———————- A few of us bought into a resume site, access to hundreds of local resumes.

I didn’t understand how he could deliberately break a rule like that. Why keep the name of the company a secret, wouldn’t they eventually HAVE to know?

Like, you might be able to trick them into showing up without knowing the company name, but then what?

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My Primerica Regional Vice President (RVP) we’ll call “John” offered to teach me how to call them, to build my team.

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