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Austin starts to act strange around her and not like him usual self. How does Ezra react to all the news when he finds out Malcolm isn't his and he no longer has Aria by his side and his world starts to crumble around him. The girls have always been afraid to confront Jenna because they have never realized how truly vulnerable she is.

Is the magic powder actually magic or is it Austin's plan to get the girl of his dreams? - One Shot"She suddenly wondered if it was the last time that she saw apartment 3B. Her heart squeezed at the thought that she probably never would." My version of 4X7. Ali is still alive, there is no -A, and they are all in college. Ezra gets drunk and finds his way to Aria's house in the middle of the night. But what happens when one of them sees Jenna at her weakest? The hand was large and rough, nothing I've ever felt before.

When Trish gives Ally a little present which just happens to be 'magic powder', her life is turned completely upside down.And she's on her way there now."Hi, y'all, my name's Hannah Montana and it's my total pleasure to welcome each and everyone of ya today to see the stuff that Doctor Stewart and Mr Paris has gathered about me.Truly a huge bright welcome to you, ladies and gentlemen." says holo-Hannah. I'm Alison Di Laurentis, known as Ali to my friends and family. I'm Lord Jeremy Silver, a swordsman, guitar-player and honorable gentleman.J15, Epiphone J-160 JL signature, Fender 140S, Hagstrom MD, Fender Jumbo 290S, Epiphone J-200 Artist N, Epiphone J-200 Artist Ebony, Epiphone Dove PRO VB, Santana Bonfire 100, Epiphone DR 212, Epiphone Hummingbird Artist BB, Epiphone Elvis Presley J-200 Custom, Sigma D-41, MSA RB-200, Epiphone J-200 VS CE, Esteban 4th July special, Epiphone Hummingbird Custom Natural, Epiphone Texan FCB, Fender Tim Hellcat, Fender Tony Alva custom Sonoran and Washburn Standard Jumbo VS.

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After finding old letters to Santa, Alex acts weird over one in particular. " , Miley grinned as she playfully smacked Lilly's arm, "No. But trust me when you see it, I doubt you'll be thinking about a brand new car."It was just the two of them alone in the classroom. You know you acted completely out of line," he drawled. There, laying on the thin sheets of wrapping paper lay a sweetheart necklace, almost identical to the one Lavender Brown had given him in sixth year. Emily is catching up with Aria during Christmas break during freshman year at college and Aria can't help but be a little curious about Emily's love life. Of course, Rikki doesn't believe that he loves her, and stays away from him. Veteran TV host Mickey Harte is surprised by the sudden visit one morning after the show by her frequent guests Hannah Montana and Lola Loftnagle. Because my Liley stories usually have no Hannah Montana in them I thought it would be fun to write one that was nothing but Hannah/Lola. " Missing scene from the episode 'You Are So Sue-able to Me.' Liley. Sexual themes, Incest, oneshot What if Alex was a demon and the only way to get her back to human/wizard form was to get her a kiss from her soulmate? AU and a prequel to Vampires & Wizards& Werewolves, Uh! Alex Russo doesn't have many run of the mill problems, so it's not surprising that she doesn't have a run of the mill knight to save the day. Rikki had learned that long before she knew either Emma or Cleo. A 7-year old Oliver invites a 7-year old Miley to stay over at his grandma's house with him. I'm from 29th century Earth, 400 years into your future." says the man.

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