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The KKK rallied to defend white supremacy from the forces it perceived as threatening—namely immigrants and recently enfranchised African Americans.“The KKK made it its mission to defend the spaces it saw as its own: white women, the home, the schools, the nation.They thought, ‘This is our job as knights, protection is what we do,’” said Baker.Unlike the alt-right, however, Klanswomen were on the front lines of the movement.There were fewer of them—at the Klan’s peak, half a million, compared to four million men—but they didn’t confine themselves to supporting roles.They have to prove they aren’t threatening traditional gender roles: both through what they say, and how they look.The majority of well-known, female alt-right personalities are young, attractive women.“When women do appear in alt-right journals or online discussions, it’s as objects of attraction,” said Baker.

It’s more dangerous, and requires more risk, than it did 100 years ago.So why are today’s white nationalist women less visible than the 1920s Klanswomen? When the KKK marched in the early 20th century, it was powerful and influential in the South.When the white nationalists marched through Charlottesville, they knew they would face social media backlash and counter-protests across the country.On the other, there is a growing contingent of alt-right men who encourage the women in their community to speak out and become leaders themselves.“Many alt-right men like it when they have women who are contributing content, recording podcasts, making You Tube channels.That’s because women in this movement have an easier time amassing followers,” said Hawley.

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    You could be a really great and fabulous person, but if your method of communication with a woman doesn’t trigger her physical attraction by “pushing the right buttons,” you will only ever be “just a friend” in her eyes.

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