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and he made time for her to go out of town with her and like when I questioned him on it he goes that she is helping him..I am a Scorpio female, 21 and I am in love deeply with a Taurus male, 23. i mean the relation is good but not a good as a Taurus. but he may be pushing me away and im a bit heart broken over this.i tried texting and calling him. some one please give me advice on what to do Ok....I don't know what it is about him that has me so confused. He makes me so angry and I could think that I hate him, but the next day he may call me to see him and I'm right there excited forgetting what I was angry about the day before. He loves to spend time with his friends, do what men do (whatever that might be) and will put those friends before me. Exposing that vulnerable side of ourselves does NOT give us the upper hand. I am a Taurus male and althougth our signs do not rule us or give any insight into personal problems we may have througth bad experiences....

He doesn't stop until he's ready regardless if I beg for him to stop. We been dealing with each other for almost three years and we both have 1 child with another mate. Once in a blue he may express his love, only after I told him I hate him and not talk to him for a week or so. I feel like a trophy when he is around his friends. Our goal is not to get you to fall in love with make you fall in love with us AGAIN..AGAIN.ALL OVER AGAIN! Taurus are usually good at "magic touch" and it goes hand in hand with the desire to be maternal - thats not to say that a Taurus wants to be your dad or anything - its just the way we roll.He thinks I'm crazy, but he doesn't realize that he makes me act this way. He doesn't appreciate me until I'm mad at him n not speaking to him. I also love how he turns the tables and gets freaky with me instead of playing hard to get. He may have a secret fear of losing you, or losing his hold over you (since we're posessive by nature). We want family and we love to nurture and for things to be gentle and calm - so we tend to have a innate ability to touch you deeply with a seemingly simple touch or caress.I want to do everything for him, but in return will he do the same for me? He has a mind control over me and I will kill a bitch for him. When he is not around you, or calling you, he will consistently obsess about what you're doing, or who you're doing it with. Before that can become the norm Taurus needs to KNOW that you are not on the fence - you give yourself to a Taurus and they will do anything to see that your safe, secure and loved - and your kids to if you have any.Thats why if he passes the Taurus test then you gotta decide if your gonna stay with him or let him go. So I would imagine this to be a hard situation for you.... Thank you for sharing with me - it means a lot to me.The whole "friends" thing Taurus has a really hard time with it - it is likely not to work for either of you - either he gets hurt cause he will think you want him around but arent good enough to commit to - or you might get hurt because he will "shun" you once he realizes friends is all it will be. I have been with my taurus for 15 years and he is definitely a true taurus male.

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yes i do believe that he is hurting by the situation. Now what makes me so hurt and confused about him is that he didnt like just break it off like you know " we're done" and blah blah blah but he did the whole diappearing act on me again and next thing I know he has another girlfriend.

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