Reading comprehension online dating

Reading comprehension online dating

I would like to do this for Aroslav (A Thousand Words, Art Project, Yelloweye), Ezzy B (all of the Chaos stories), the_scribbler, Strickland83, Warlord I'm a published non-fiction author who has for many years been an acquisitions editor for a small niche-market publishing house, in addition to continuing my work as a freelance developmental editor and occasional book doctor.I've been around on Storiesonline and before it on ASSTR and the newsgroups for longer than I'd care to admit, and in that time I've worked with and edited for a number of well known writers of erotica.College Graduate I used to edit SEC documents annual report and 10K's and 10Q's. What I will find are misspellings and when you pick the wrong word off the spell checker. It started with Jules Vern stories when I was in elementary school. Never been an editor before but have some time to contribute.I'm not the best speller, but I can spot a miss-spelled word and poorly used grammar or sentence structure pretty quickly and usually figure out what the Author is trying to communicate/say to the reader (not always but most of the time) :). Honorably discharged Marine in the early 70's and b/4 anyone asks yes, yes and yes. Don't know what type of software is required but willing to purchase (within reason) any that would be required.Been there, done that, made it home more or less in one piece and I'm not too screwed up (I think, but I don't worry to much about what other people think). Some French, German, Czech, and Arabic, if those are of any use to you. Navy Vet, No college (school of hard knocks) but I seem to recognize a grammatical error when I see one. Willing to build a relationship as an editor then maybe do some fledgling attempts as a writer.A good command of the English language, including grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. I'm trained as a translator (text, not speech.)I'll be aiming for readability and smoothness. Like, Woodmanone, Aubie56, SWmohermit, DGhear, Justplainbob, Howard Faxon, Curious2c,many others of that type I've been downloading the stories here and reformating them for printing, using MS Word... I have an Associates Degree, 2 Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree, and a Doctorates Degree.Some of the better known writers I've worked with over the years include: aroslav and Ezzy B (currently), the_scribbler, Strickland83, Gina Marie Wylie, Warlord, El Sol, and Don Lockwood, among many others. ;)Extreme violence, ws, abuse treated erotically, pure stroke stories.

I have a knowledge of flying private planes / light aircraft, and an extensive knowledge of ambulances/EMS/emergency rooms/paramedicine in the US.

Hours per week could be more or less, if I go visit family. I know everyone is on a timeline, but I will not let spelling and grammar pass just to get the story out. And creativity is directly proportional to ones imagination. Professional writing of letters, reports, evaluations. Spent 10 years in regular/militia (Canadian Armed Forces). I had a brief experience with an author but never heard whether or not he was satisfied, never got any more requests and did not see any new writings so have I believe that by and large standard written English provides the greatest reading enjoyment.

Correct, positive, and right the first time means you do not have to go back and redo it. I also believe in artistic license when used artistically, and that editing should in no way affect the essence of the author's vision. If required , will provide my address & phone numbers.

I have many years working in the trucking industry, as an over the road driver and a fleet owner.

I am an ASE certified truck mechanic, an NRA certified instructor, and have passed the IRS qualification as an Enrolled Agent**back after nasty divorce - looking for work to take my mind off of it** I have been reading stories online for many years and have had to reformat and correct many of them to make them readable for myself.

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I'm a 40 year old male residing in Bangalore, India. Alternate email : [email protected] editing for 4 writers on SOL.

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