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Let me tell you a story about a new young subbie, let’s call her ‘p’ since ‘o’ has already been used, who entered the lifestyle a couple of years ago here in Dallas: p found a Master, let’s call him ‘M’, who agreed to take her into training.

On the first day she arrived at his house, she was (to put it mildly) surprised to be gagged with a kitchen towel and duct tape, then thrown to a concrete floor and having a broken off table leg jammed up her ass without lubrication.p tried to file assault and rape charges against M, but M showed the detectives the emails and chats, and no charges were filed.

I got to know both p and M after this incident, and discussed it with them.

I defy anyone to provide a universally accepted definition of a collared slave. Do you know what someone means when he says he practices safe sex? Does it mean wearing a condom for vaginal and anal, but not for oral?

For some, collars mark a bond that is supposed to last forever, for others, they are a mark of a temporary exchange of power. Does it mean cleaning your whips with saddle soap between submissives, or having a separate set of whips for each?

If you think this is unusual, take a good look at all the writings on Kinky and Popular.

50-60% of them, depending on how you count, describe unsatisfactory, unsafe or unhealthy activities or relationships experienced by people on Fetlife.

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