Pipestem dating formula

The effects of English pipe manufacture eventually came full circle back to the American Indians through the fur trade sometime early in the 1600’s.

Excavations at Fort Union, located along the upper Missouri River (1828-1867), yielded some 10,000 clay pipe fragments.

No one knows for sure who made the first clay pipes.

The idea of smoking tobacco came from the American Indian, who had long fashioned their own clay pipes.

These, no doubt served as a model for later pipe development. (see Walker, TD pipes, Bulletin of Archaeological Society of Virginia, Vol.

By 1558 tobacco smoking had been introduced to Europe.

One of the most notable designs was Jonah about to be swallowed by a serpent, perhaps depicting King James I who tried diligently to stamp out smoking.

The English pipe-making industry grew quickly to satisfy the growing demand of people, including women and children, to take up the art of “tobacco drinking” as it was then called.

The basic form of the pipe has changed little over the long history of pipe smoking, however there have been notable variations in pipe styles effecting the size of the bowl and the length of the stem.

The spur or platform at the bottom of the bowl was hart shape.

The stem was fairly short, only measuring 4 to 6 inches.

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