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At the same meeting, Mugabe also ordered Chiwenga to pledge allegiance to Grace. Reuters put questions about this exchange and other aspects of this article to Mugabe's spokesman, George Charamba. A day later, Mugabe sacked Mnangagwa as vice president and purged him from ZANU-PF, the liberation movement that Mnangagwa had served since his youth and for which, as a young militant caught bombing a train, he had nearly been executed. The military immediately activated a "Code Red" alert, its highest level of preparedness, a military source said.ASSASSINATION PLOT Moments after Mnangagwa was ousted on Nov.An aide brought a copy of the constitution, which lays out that the president is commander-in-chief of the armed forces.Chiwenga, dressed in camouflage fatigues, hesitated before replying that Zimbabwe was facing a national crisis that demanded military intervention.Mugabe's spies, who permeated every institution and section of society in Zimbabwe, were warning him the military would not accept Grace as president."Mugabe is very worried of a coup," one intelligence report, dated Oct. "Mugabe was openly told by senior CIOs that the military is not going to easily accept the appointment of Grace.To many, the end of Mugabe had been unthinkable only one week before.

He mentioned to Chiwenga that those fighting his wife are bound to die a painful death," the intelligence report said. He stood his ground over his loyalty to Mnangagwa," the report said. Goodnight." Two spokesmen for Chiwenga declined to comment. 5, Chiwenga left Harare on a pre-arranged official trip and travelled to China, which wields significant influence as a major investor in Zimbabwe.6, the security details assigned to him and his house were withdrawn, according to a statement he issued later. "Security personnel, who are friendly to me, warned me that plans were underfoot to eliminate me once arrested and taken to a police station," Mnangagwa said in a Nov. "It was in my security interest to leave the country immediately." From Harare, he managed to escape over the border into neighbouring Mozambique, where he caught a plane to China, according to one source familiar with his movements. Reuters could not confirm the account; but an intelligence report from Nov.13 indicates that Mugabe suspected some of his generals of preparing to overthrow him from China.The president finally accepted defeat only after he was sacked by his own ZANU-PF party and faced the ignominy of impeachment.He signed a short letter of resignation to parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda that was read out to lawmakers on Nov. Mugabe, who had run Zimbabwe since 1980 and overseen its descent into economic ruin while his wife shopped for luxury goods, was gone. Parliamentarians danced and people poured onto the streets in their tens of thousands to celebrate a political downfall that sent shockwaves across Africa and the world.

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The CIO is split into factions, some pro- and some anti-Mugabe.

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