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Nichkhun can’t control his face when he is around Tiffany. It’s been confirmed with quite a few Korean sources but is not widely known in the International fandom.

You may ask why make a tumblr sharing Khunfany moments if they’re suppose to be secret? Most people don’t see shipping as real (only imaginative) so there’s no harm in it.

I hope they can be a real couple cause they're such a sweet couple. They are really a the great couple and cutest among all the couple in we got married I'm Khuntoria's fan in Vietnam, Vietnam has a lot of fans Khuntoria.

SEE ALSO: [Movie Review] 'Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds'The media outlet posted photos with their report that detailed a relationship that bloomed out of friendship into that of a couple.

It's said they've been dating since the end of last year for 4 months now.

Khuntoria: MBC Gayo 2011During the times when Nichkhun & Victoria weren’t MCing they rarely speak or face each other. When the show was over Nichkhun went to congratulate Victoria for doing a good job but if you notice he just pats her arm and walks away. In fact when MBC Gayo was over Victoria ran back to f(x) and stood next to Kyuhyun to bow to the audience. She never stopped smiling with Kyuhyun and always stays by his side. So it is no surprise that they are good friends in real life.

Their body language shows that they keep a distance. I know they are good friends but Victoria does not behave like a girl in love when she is with Nichkhun. But now they have taken the next step in friendship and are dating.

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They both having good chemistry and through the show I felt like they are real couple. And the funny things is Victoria got jealous easily when Nichkhun are w/ other girls. Nichkhun and Victoria portrayed real feelings as if everything they did wasn't for the show at all.

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