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This, the researchers suggest, conflicts with the idea that modern humans emerged in a single geographic location, instead suggesting that “the evolutionary processes behind the emergence of H. In a second, related paper in Nature, scientists led by Daniel Richter, also from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, confirm the Hublin team’s age estimates by dating flint artefacts found at the same excavation.

The new eighth edition, released in 2016, has instituted several significant changes over previous editions. In the first instance, where no date is visible, be careful with the information because you don't really know when it was created. (To check for autodating, come back to the page the next day or so and see if the current date shows up again.) The MLA does not give specific instructions for autodated pages.

The dating of the human bones, found in Morocco, was completed by a team led by Jean-Jacques Hublin of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, and Abdelouahed Ben-Ncer of the National Institute for Archaeology and Heritage in Rabat, Morocco. The remains, thought to be from at least five individuals, were found at the Jebel Irhoud archaeological cave site, located near Sidi Moktar, about 100 kilometres west of Marrakesh.

The site was already known as the source of some of the earliest modern human remains ever uncovered, but the latest discovery pushes back the emergence of Homo sapiens by a full 100,000 years.

Hominid fossils unearthed at Jebel Irhoud in 1991 were dated to about 160,000 years ago and were initially thought to be Neanderthals.

Further analysis in 2007, however, revealed them to be anatomically modern humans, making them some of the earliest ever discovered.

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Echoing the first paper’s conclusions, the second also raises the possibility that Homo sapiens arose over a wide geographic area, suggesting a “complex pan-African process”.“We caution against favouring one region over another in constructing models to account for these changes in human behaviour and biology,” the researchers conclude.

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