Method of dating ancient remains

Context is critical to understanding the significance of artifacts.

The age of an individual died can be determined by looking at the knitting of the suture on the cranium, which closes as people age, and by noting how worn the teeth are.On modern archeologists, the German film director Werner Herzog told Archeology magazine, “It's quite extraordinary what they are doing now.How they have new, almost forensic-like science to collect pollen and understand the vegetation.Many archaeological sites are discovered accidently, often during construction projects.Some archaeologists call what they do as “running in front of bulldozers to retrieves objects before construction at a site begins.” Other are uncovered by following clues in historical records or digging where mounds and ruined buildings have been found.

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The strata are often look like the layers of a layer cake, with the oldest layers being the ones that are the deepest in the earth.

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