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Materialism dating

Girls are, even from a very young age, told they are beautiful as the highest praise.

The ones who are actually pretty will hear this more often, from more people and for longer in their lives.

Plenty of women out there want something very fair and reasonable – they want to meet and date a guy who has professional and/or academic goals and ambitions that he is excited about and who does something about achieving them.

Showing that kind of motivation makes the guy more attractive as a person to women, and it also makes women have more respect and admiration for him, which is essential to a long term romantic interest and attraction.

When someone asks you what you do for a living, or where you live, or if you drive to work or even where you went to school, you could assume that these are standard, innocuous questions for a first date.

However, when a Kong Girl asks these questions, she’s mentally piecing your answers together to figure out how much you make (and essentially, how much you’re worth to her).

Some women are indeed vain, vapid, greedy, self-centered and superficial.

Most materialistic things early on in life are focused on looks; clothes, hair, jewellery and phones.Another way to better understand this Hong Kong phenomenon is that Kong Girls have the so-called “Princess Syndrome”, the symptoms of which are narcissism and egocentrism.Interestingly, Kong Girls have become less conspicuous recently, so if you’re not sure how to spot one, here are some handy tips to keep in mind.I think that as people grow up and start to work out who they are then this link weakens but it's still there.It's very simmilar to clever people, for whom that is the metric that they are praised by and thus the one they focus on, spending more time in the library and revising for exams.

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One of the favorite excuses that so many guys use for not dating or not even meeting as many women as they like is their financial situation, coupled with accusing women of being greedy and materialistic.

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