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He started off telling me how great I was, and how I’m going to start making ,000 a weekend, and how the show will create entourage game for us, and blah blah blah.They couldn’t pay me what they owed me and he’s making more promises, bigger promises.Some people are willing to hurt others just to get ahead.I thought about every move they could make and started prepping, just in case things really were about to head downhill between me and Venusian Arts(Matador, Mystery & Love Drop).*Greatest PUA beefs of all time between instructors.Video of Speer doing Social-Circle Game at a party.So, with Speer’s consent (who’s a buddy of mines), I’m re-posting The Contract Part 3 on my site. [Originally posted August, 2012] “I began anticipating the fallout that was about to take place.

That same day I got a U-Haul, packed my room up, put it in storage, and there I was, back in my mom’s house.A lot of his promises I knew wouldn’t come to fruition anyway. I had already talked to my mom about the situation and she thought it would have been stupid for me to sign that contract. I spoke at the conference despite all the threats Dream received. But the first call I made was to RSD (a top PUA company).She said I should just go back to focusing on my computer stores. Matador and Lovedrop also called everyone I could possibly touch base with in the community to try to black me out completely. I forgot who I talked to, but I tried to get through to Tyler.Business is a lot like chess, you need to anticipate the steps others will take.Sometimes people will surprise you, some will fall into doing the same old shit.

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At the end of the day, most people are greedy and that’s what drives what they’ll do.

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