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I signed again, this time the pen went off the paper, and I had to start again so that my name was scratched cockeyed all across the documents. I will take on his transformation from this point." "Thank you.I will leave him to you." The camera lights went out and I remained face in the floor, afraid to move. Gina immediately put her boot on the back of my neck and pushed my face into the floor. You have been told what say, just sign." I reached over my head, felt for the papers, and blindly and clumsily signed for my doom. I will wring the corruption out of him, and I will mold him into a suitable man slave."Another." Gina dropped another sheath of papers onto the floor. It has all fallen in place as we planned; you have prepared him perfectly.Even thinking about this insignificant male being whipped triggers memories of that college trauma with Edward. Ashley says more of that would cure me of my aversion to the whip, purge this ridiculous reluctance. I will be more comfortable, ready to whip him without pity; ready to love him in the manner appropriate to the sort of woman I am determined to be. I am sorry; I'm getting over it." "Gina, I really don't understand why you say you don't enjoy beating men. Edward may have abused you, but you returned that upon him tenfold. I'm sure you intend to beat that arrogant valet I met earlier this evening. Stay strong and resolute; true love is best strict. I could love this man, but I will only allow myself do so if I am completely unencumbered by obligation.

I would stay to watch, but as you know, I am little squeamish about corporal punishment. Maybe it's just that he is so easy and so pathetic; maybe it's because he is so much in love with me. But I don't want love to spoil my life, to let love control me. I don't want a whiff of obligation, guilt or mercy to constrain my life in any way. If I can enjoy knowing what you are doing to him while I am off enjoying myself freely with other men, if I can think of him as thoroughly debased, then perhaps I could allow myself to love him fully. "Next time we meet I will partake in some male beating. Once he is permanently reduced to a contemptible whipping boy, mercy should no long be an issue.

This supplicant pose mirrored my every emotion and desire.

My heart, my soul and my aching balls pled, "Take me." I heard Gina step into the camera lights.

Gina slipped the toe of her boot between the floor and my face. "Now sign." Gina pulled her boot back, dropped a sheath of papers onto the floor, and then dropped a pen on top of these.

I reached over my head, took the pen, and started to rise to my elbows to find the signature line. Anna, does this cringing creature meet with your approval? Will you fashion this pig's ear, this pig's drool into a silk purse, fashion it into an ornament fit to hang on a proper lady's arm? He is a lovely male and it will be a pleasure to forge him into the thing all males should be.

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Numb, drunk, and awed by Anna, I fell hopelessly under the spell of the mysterious pheromones wafting from the temple of her body. If I could taste, if I could run my tongue across the slick, smooth folds, if I could reach to lap the sweetness deep within, perhaps I could discover the language of her pussy, perhaps the mysterious sacred words would form upon my tongue. The fragrance is strangely, powerfully enervating—at once flowers and sex. If you do as you are told, you may taste my femininity. That is what you want; right, to be of use to Gina? You propose a long list of possible actions, but we have no specific, current intention to do all of these things. "Now, Gina needs to video the signing of the Agreements for her latest effort in performance art.

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