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I know quite a few that are above average in size, though, and they are of Eastern European Jewish descent.

Logically, I know that r1 is correct...howev AH, I am stupidly thrilling at r2's reply, because this guy is of the skinny wiry sort..he has lovely, long-fingered hands and his nose is rather prominent..spring eternal, eh?

) I get to put a hand on the goods, is there any rule of thumb or common wisdom on where Jewish guys fall on the size spectrum?

In other words, should I expect above average, below average, or average-average, or is there no particular tendency for Jewish guys to be hung in any particular part of the spectrum due to the diversity of the gene pool?

I'm not positive why he did it, though this post prompted me to finally ask.

I'm hopeful that he did it because of retraction issues rather than to have a pretty pecker.

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I have always had a major thing for Jewish guys but I am unlucky and have never actually managed to bed one. Just so I am prepared in case I have to make a "no, not at all disappointed" facial expression when/if (crossing fingers!

He just got married three, and I don't think his wife is Jewish - she went to a Catholic High School.

No responses addressing whether he is "intact" are required--he is secular but is culturally Jewish, strongly so, plus it's Amurrkuh so the odds he was not mutilated shortly after birth approach zero.

There is no particular tendency for Jewish guys to be hung in any particular part of the spectrum due to the diversity of the gene pool.

As a bi woman who's been with a few Jewish guys (and they were random picks meaning I didn't hear anything about their specific dicks beforehand and was with them for other reasons), ALL of them were ABOVE average! R25, Jews who follow Hassidism, like the Orthodox, hold more traditional beliefs.

Now, I might have been just lucky because it's not like my sample is significant but that's my experience. Sex is only for married heterosexual couples, and focuses on the joy of creating babies.

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