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Additionally, a new “Master Mode” — i.e., hard mode — will be added, which increases the difficult by upgrading all the enemies found in the game (some of whom will now take to the sky on flying rafts), along with a variety of new armors and costumes inspired by earlier Zelda titles.

Nintendo also gave a brief teaser of the second DLC pack for , scheduled to release this holiday season.

She's first seen imprisoned in the Yiga Clan's hideout in an attempt to gather information on them, then is later found searching for a Great Fairy Fountain.

The boss of Goron City, in charge of its leadership as well as the mining company the culture is built around.

Further up, you’ll pass the East Post Ruins where Moblins roam on the left.

prepare for a Moblin to attack you in the road before more Bokoblins ambush you from the sides at the end of the ruins.

Initially found setting up his establishment in the middle of Skull Lake, he can subsequently be found near each of the villages at night."We of the Sheikah tribe have long been heralded as a people of great wisdom.When Link was at death's door, it is Impa and her sister who sealed him within the Shrine of Resurrection under Zelda's orders.Impa's elder sister, a magitek researcher dedicated to reawakening the ancient technology of the Sheikah.He managed to teach these songs to Kass before passing away.An archer and bow craftsman, he and Teba had teamed up with several other Rito warriors in an unsuccessful attack on Vah Medoh.

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The first DLC expansion, The Master Trials, will include several new additions to the base game, including a new “Trial of the Sword” mode, where players will be forced to fight waves of enemies, but without any of their existing equipment that they’ve gathered over the course of their play-through.

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