Lds dating lesson ideas

Lds dating lesson ideas

I am one of those crazy people who love to talk about potentially uncomfortable topics with a big group of strangers. I’m sure in this audience we have a wide variety of perspectives – some of you may be young enough you still think boys or girls are kinda gross, and some of you may have decided boys/girls are the total opposite of gross.

Some of you are married old parents who can’t remember when it was actually exciting to kiss someone.

Testosterone is the hormone that has the biggest influence on sexual desire for both men and women.

Testosterone starts showing up in the body during teen years, and guess what – men have much, much more testosterone in their bodies than women, though women have it too and it does influence their thoughts and desires also.

It takes a lot of interactions in simple (sometimes boring) things like group activities, working side by side, or being around each other’s families, to see what someone’s everyday personality is really like.-or- Who now, seeing the most delicious dense, dark chocolate cake I know how to make, will be happy eating vegetables when this cake is always right there, almost available? How will a relationship feel if it’s way too physical?

How lasting will it be when the physical isn’t exciting anymore?

Provocative and arousing images appeal to the high level of desire hormones in your body – it’s NORMAL to feel a reaction, a quickening heartbeat, a curiosity about what seems so tantalizing.

But when you act on those impulses, you are opening the door to even more impulses coming.

It’s the same thing with the law of chastity – Following the standard about sexual intimacy is good for you in the long term, and today I’m going to help you understand more about WHY. Shumway said “The law of chastity, I testify, is a law of happiness.But on average, men have sexual thoughts more and sexual desire is a much bigger presence in their daily existence because of their increased testosterone.Not for every guy, and I don’t say that to set out some expectation that this is what it means to “be a man,” but just to normalize what some of you may be experiencing, or soon to experience, and for girls to better understand what’s happening in themselves and their young men friends.but they lack the big, complete, frightening picture about what all the stitches, broken bones, hidden head injury or cracked skulls, brain damage, blood, or possibly life-altering injuries that could happen if they were to get hit by a car… I think most chastity lessons today mostly consist of the chastity versions of “Stay on the sidewalk, just trust me, stay on the sidewalk, God will bless you, it’s hard but it makes your life better, stay on the sidewalk.”Reasons that explain WHY it’s “for your protection” and “essential to personal peace”, and what sort of “emotional damage” you are avoiding by living chastely.Our Heavenly Father loves us and is basically telling us to “stay on the sidewalk” with the law of chastity, because we don’t always grasp all the scary things that can happen and mess up our happiness.

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