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Jack wagner dating

“Laura and I would get into these laughter fits,” she explained.“I have this one scene and my grandma dies and I’m on the phone and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m so sad.’ Of course, Jane’s probably crying. ’ And I said, ‘Oh my gosh, gram’s got ammonia,’ instead of pneumonia.Centered on a Los Angeles apartment building where residents joined their neighbors in bed and business, the show was never short on drama — especially for Wagner’s Dr. “I just remember when I was working with Marcia Cross, [who played] Kimberly, I had to go to the psych ward and do electroshock [therapy] with her,” said Wagner.“And I think my character might have had sex with her while she was on the operating table.” As for which scene makes Bissett laugh, cringe, or cry, she immediately recalled a memory with Laura Leighton, who played her character Jane Andrew Mancini’s sister Sydney Andrews.

He’s always been my true love.” Spoken like a soap diva. “More like a sitcom than a soap opera.” A self-described class clown, Jack is a notorious jokester on the set of Melrose Place, where for the past two seasons he has played the sometimes villainous Dr. (Last season, Jack’s character tried to murder Heather Locklear‘s Amanda; this season, he has apparently fallen in love with her.) He purposely calls cast members by the wrong names during rehearsals and sticks out his tongue at costars when he’s out of camera range and they’re trying to deliver their lines.Since all this happened on ABC’s General Hospital, true love won out: Malandro’s Felicia Cummings returned to Wagner’s Frisco Jones, much to the delight of the soap’s fans.But unbeknownst to all but a few of the actors’ close friends, romance was blooming in the real world as well.She paused, and she’s so funny, she goes, ‘Well, is it under the sink? We had to have someone else read the lines because we just couldn’t get it together.” Although was never big on happy endings, Bissett imagines her character has moved on from her ups and downs with her ex-husband, Dr.Michael Mancini, and has found a picture-perfect life.

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fans were scratching their heads last Tuesday after Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner abruptly announced they were no longer engaged.

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