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Interracial dating effects

In addition, we stuck mostly to free-range and grass-fed meat, which doesn't come cheap.

On top of all of that, we had to go to the grocery store very often.

Upon closer examination, I think I probably have a dairy sensitivity, but I wouldn't have made the connection until I eliminated dairy. Since I wasn't actively trying to lose weight, I didn't avoid the more calorie-dense foods that the Whole 30 people suggest avoiding if you want to see weight loss. I fully expected my weight to remain about where it was.

I ate plenty of avocados, sweet potatoes, and fruit. I don't think that weight is a correlated indicator of health.

Fresh produce doesn't stay fresh long, and we really couldn't eat out, so we had to make sure we kept meals on hand.

I do not think you can tell how healthy someone is or isn't by the number on the scale.

I do think, though, that we can do unhealthy things that will impact our weight, and I think that the fact that I lost 10 pounds in 30 days while eating whenever I wanted means some of the foods I was eating before weren't great for my body.

People do eat out while doing the Whole30, but I don't see how.

It was nearly impossible to find foods in restaurants that were compliant with the plan as is, and I am just not forward enough as a person (I'm an introvert!

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In fact, it's estimated that the average American is eating 152 pounds of sugar a year, that equates to 42.5 teaspoons per day, or nearly four times the recommended maximum.

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