Im dating matt damon mp3

Im dating matt damon mp3

So that’s like an ancillary way that the Bourne character has completely changed my life.

Starting with the first one, where nobody had offered me a movie in six month and I was in London doing a play in the West End, and the movie opened, and by that Monday I had twenty offers, so that was where – I would have been thirty-two years old, or thirty-one years old, the rose colored lenses came off, I went, ‘Okay, I get it.’ If you’re in a hit you have a career, and if you’re not it doesn’t matter, they might think you’re a real nice guy; they’re not hanging a movie on you. In fact, you guys were the second audience to see the movie, so none of us have seen it with an audience.

And we could do for the entire movie, ‘Where are my keys?

’ And that kind of illustrates how out of story we are at this point in terms of what was good about these first three films.

Przez kilkadziesiąt odcinków, każdy kończył tymi samymi słowami, zupełnie od czapy:- Serdecznie przepraszamy Matta Damona, ale skończył nam się czas.

Jednak 12 września 2006 Matt Damon trafił do jego programu i skończyło się ostro. Odnośnie tego co ludzie wypisują w komentarzach - nikt się z nikim rozstał, nikt nikogo nie zdradzał - to tylko taki rodzaj dowcipu, który robią sobie ludzie naprawdę w sobie zakochani.

So two audiences have seen the movie, of which you guys are the second, so to hear that – last night we were at dinner, we got the Blackberrys all started going off at the same time, and we heard that it was a crowd pleaser again.

His career just totally has gone in this really new and exciting direction, because I’ve seen the movie that he directed and it is really good, it’s fantastic, the performances are great and every actor is going to want to work with him after they see this thing.

It’s coming out in October and it’s done, I mean he’s finished, so they’re just waiting for the proper release date to bring it out, which I think is somewhere – I think they’re doing it around the time The Departed came out.

The reason is the new movie is an incredible thrill ride and one of the best summer movies by far.

The filmmakers have taken a great franchise and made it even better. So to help promote the movie Universal did a press day last weekend and they got the stars to come in and talk about making the film. During the press conference Matt discusses what it would take for him to come back and make another “Bourne” movie, what his favorite action scenes were, and a ton on working with Paul and their relationship.

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