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He was, at that point, reportedly delirious, hallucinating that police and “special forces” were outside his apartment, preparing to seize him.He eventually called 999, Hong Kong’s emergency hotline, and asked if he could surrender.The dispatcher evenly asked if they could instead send officers to his home, and he complied. Jutting has spent the past two years in prison in Hong Kong, where he has been interviewed by several psychiatrists who have served as witnesses for the defense during the trial. Richard Latham and Professor Derek Perkins have rendered a portrait of a man with incredibly high intelligence — he recorded an IQ score of 137 — but sadistic tendencies and a pathological narcissism that rendered him incapable of emotionally handling blows to his ego.When, as an adolescent, he applied and was accepted to Winchester College, a prestigious boarding school in the U.A smattering of applause went around the public gallery of the courtroom when the jury’s foreman read the verdict.Justice Michael Stuart-Moore said: “You get prison for life. You can go now, thank you.” In a statement he wrote that was read by his barrister, Tim Owen, Jutting expressed remorse.Indonesian migrant workers hold up placards during a vigil for slain colleagues Seneng Mujiasih and Sumarti Ningsih on the eve of the murder trial for British banker Rurik Jutting, in Hong Kong's Victoria Park on Oct.

The court heard that Seneng began screaming after finding a knife on Jutting’s couch, prompting him to quickly cut her throat.

It was, Justice Stuart-Moore said on the first day of the trial on Oct.

24, a particularly strange legal affair: a murder trial in which the most incriminating evidence — the i Phone footage shot by Jutting both leading up to and immediately after the killings — was willfully created by the defendant himself.

Jutting, who had been transferred by Bank of America Merrill Lynch from London to Hong Kong in the fall of 2013 had paid Ningsih for sex before.

On that occasion, he had become so violent that she had offered to refund half his money if he would let her go home.

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Eventually, he said, he “had a plan to torture.” “I realized how much I enjoyed that combination of alcohol and cocaine and physical torture – it gave me a sense of enjoyment I’d never had with anything,” he later told police.

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