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Cupid; from which Sanscrit word the Latin Amor is derived.

Booty, gain, fortune: to lel cappi, to acquire booty, make a capital, a fortune. Hay: cas-stiggur, haystack; cas kairing, hay-making.

Connected with this word is the Scottish Chiel, the Old English Childe, and the Russian Chelovik.

Cheaus is an old French hunting term for the young ones of a fox.

Sheepish, belonging to a sheep:bokkeriskey pire, sheep's feet.

[Persian: ] Bazee, baz (play, joke), whence the English cant word 'bosh.' See Bashadi.

For every chomany there's a lav in Romany: there's a name in Gypsy for everything.

An affix by which the future tense of a verb is formed, e.g.

This word is used by the pikers or tramps, as well as by the Gypsies.

To filch, steal in an artful manner by bending down.

Bloen / Blowing, A cant word, but of Gypsy origin, signifying a sister in debauchery, as Pal denotes a brother in villainy.

A shepherd: bokkar-engro drey, the dude, man in the moon.

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According to the Hindu mythology, there is a hell of mud; the bengues of the Gypsies seem to be its tenants.

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