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Then the girl on the screen on my TV started to cum, her hot wet cunt, swollen and dripping, started to spasm, and contract. I had often masturbated to her various videos, and the spice of doing so with other stimmers seeing the result was making me so fucking horny.

I knew I would cum soon, but it felt so good, and I didn't want to stop, but if I wanted the pleasure to last, I HAD to dial it back a bit or I would lose my nut.

Back on the Skype screen the third guy had shifted a bit in his seat and I could see he had an anal electrode also connected to his machine, a rubber electrode around the bass of his aching dick and another like all of us on the head of his hard, straining pole.

As his machine worked him over, his sphincter was contracting and releasing the butt plug electrode sensuously, his cock was so stiff, and his gasps of ecstasy were getting more intense. His mushroom head was fully distended, skin so taught and shiny, stretched to the fullest.

His groans and sighs of orgasm were inspiring to say the least, my own cock bounced several times, almost vicariously enjoying his ejaculation with him, I was very close.

On my TV screen, 2 beautiful girls were sitting, facing each other, as they removed their clothes.

Suddenly the guy with the ass electrode let out a cry of joy, and his spasming cock erupted with a huge load of juicy hot cum, spurting up high on his belly, and splashing down his thighs, and balls, the anal electrode visibly moving in and out of his clenched anus, no doubt bumping his prostate sensuously, making the volume of his cum and the intensity of his orgasm fantastic.

I nearly lost it right there, because it was so hot.

I can tell you that estim, porn and/or phone sex can be amazing.Seeing them all intensely hard, and twitching, made me all the more eager to turn on my cam and join in the show.As I did so, I could see my own cock image pop up on the screen, so I could watch myself as we all masturbated in this kinky way together.The joys of stimming of course, I have documented several times in great detail, but it never gets old.Having acquired a new laptop not long ago, with a hi-def camera and quick processor, I recently spent a horny afternoon on SKYPE with like minded estim freaks.

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One of the other guys had his cock bobbing up and down, obviously very, very aroused, and as he chanted 'oh god!

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