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Game theory dating

Mowing the lawn, changing diapers, Skyping with the Australian relatives, booking plane tickets, making school lunches, programming the coffee maker, cleaning the toilets, weeding, picking up the dry cleaning, sharpening the knives, going to IKEA, changing light bulbs, doing the taxes, saying hi to the neighbor, attending a PTA meeting—these are just a few a things that come to mind.And that’s the beauty of marriage: now there’s someone else to do the chores for you.

After the toasts and conga lines, the All-Clad omelet pans and honeymoon sex begins the real work of living together until you die. You will hear a lot of advice about compromising and using “I” sentences instead of “you” (as in, “I feel sad when I see that we have no money,” vs.

Classic examples: the Cuban missile crisis (PDF), soccer penalty kicks, and the first scene of .

When you find yourself debating whether to wait for the bus another minute or give up and walk, you’re facing a game-theory dilemma. are playing a three-way game of chicken involving cyber warfare and potential nuclear annihilation.

“You are terrible with money and are going to ruin us”). But there’s another way to approach spousal negotiations and it’s called game theory.

Game theory is the study of how we make decisions in strategic situations.

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