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The sheath dress was very short, and I saw the beginnings of a little trail of whitish liquid drooling down her right inner thigh, the one without the stocking. " As usual, for the last couple of years, she started to yell, calling me dirty names and insulting me, saying that I was a dirty, male-thing with a tiny dick and not useful for her. I waited until she ran down a bit, then said, "You've been 'forced' 7 times in the past 4 months.

Screaming that I was never around to protect her when she needed it. Each time you've come home either really late at night or in the morning, like now.

Screaming that she'd been attacked by 5 dirty, sweaty, fucking men, and been forced to have sex all night and morning, until they turned her out of their van on the side of the road ... Each time, until now, when I've tried to hold you and cuddle, you've screamed even more at me, and then run upstairs to shower, douche and enema, then called a group of your 'special friends' to come over and 'keep you company' behind closed doors, while ordering me out of the house." "Well, sorry but, no more!

Keep your 'forced sexing' to yourself, this time, if you can." That, as expected, caused even more rage and yelling, alternating with divorce-fantasy rantings about taking me for every dime I'd ever had or ever would have, leaving me naked, filthy and shivering in a cave.

I just laughed, which started the grand finale, as she kicked, stamped, fell to the floor, arched her back, pounded her fists and feet. Getting my small 'bug-out' duffel bag from the hall closet, containing my lap-top computer and flash-drives, I said, "OK, goodbye" and I left.

I'd also deeded her the rent on the house for the next 4 months and gave her the car, keeping the records of each transaction.

April 28, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: I'm Tam Benford. Married to Dolores Benford, who had recently become a temper fit-throwing shrew, as emotional cover-up for an increasing number of gang-bang fantasies being acted out at my expense. About 10 AM, my brunette wife of some 41 years old, 7 of it married to me, appeared through the front door.

She staggered a little, into the house's living room, smelling strongly of booze, sweat and spilled semen.

Dolores threw another little fit, promising herself that he'd pay for this mistake, making him buy more white cottons to replace the pink ones.

The rest of the day, she phoned her friends and relaxed, well-fucked and lazy.

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She fought down the urge to pitch another temper, until she came across a letter, edged in red, detailing that she had a positive test for a STD, back 4 months ago, and that she must come to the clinic for immediate treatment. "Where the hell is that man of mine, now, when I need him to do things for me? May 13, 2015, The Oaks, Corsicana, Texas: Dolores slammed down the phone in a rage, after having the last of her 'special friends' break their 'date' with her, giving her all sorts of excuses.

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