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Free enema chat rooms

These may have slipped by if the prep wasn't supplemented with the enemas.

Modern health care favors laxatives - but it took enemas to do the job right.

" I hope I may say, without giving offense, that I wish you that same health, therapy, and comfort, and that sense of inner peace, wellness, and joy that comes from that simple, gentle, healthful, and simply beautiful, old-fashioned therapy, our friend, the enema. Little did I know, they also offer colon hydrotherapy.

Bill My friend, Sue, had told me about enemas and especially the coffee enema about 3 or 4 years ago. Of course, I was curious and after getting more information on this from Kristina and Dee Dee, I felt it was something I needed to try. I figured as long as I was having the colon cleanse, I might as well jump in all the way and have the coffee implant as well.

Thanks for your great information, professional equipment, proven and researched recipes, and caring advice.

Tim You may find it of interest that I recall that on the outside box of the first syringe I bought was printed the descriptor: "For health, therapy, and comfort." It got me thinking how very true that is, and then realized that you, Dee Dee, and your staff have consistently provided that throughout the years to grateful people through means of your wonderful colon cleanse products and services! I consider you are doing God's work, as in, "Cleanliness is next to godliness! However, never having had an enema or colonic, I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Then several years passed and I had scheduled a far infrared sauna at the Optimal Health Center in Madison, WI.

The Chat Room lobbies of the game are made specifically for players to have a place to chat.

At the exam the doctor commented on how clean my entire colon was - and that made it easier for him to do the complete colonoscopy (all the way to the appendix).

The procedure was comfortable and with great "clean" visualization, three small polyps were found and removed.

The 2.5-quart bag really gets the job done in a hurry. Using your techniques the large enemas were surprisingly comfortable, and the water was easily released.

The "clean and clear" objective had been accomplished.

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Immodium and adult diapers became the normal life for me.

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