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She would tell me about some of her experinces, give me advice and told me masturbation was fun, healthy and practiced as often as I felt like.We would be open with each other about masturbating, like mentioning we were going to like it was just any other activity.A few of my friends though this openess was a little weird but at the same time seemed envious of the freedom I had at home to express myself sexually without having to hide my urges.Hi, I found this board in a web search, hope I'm not digging up an old topic and breaking protocol somehow.I think it paid off because my friend was one of those supremely self confident people who never boasted or complained, just got things done and smiled the whole time.Im turned on a lot about the thought of this, i never had the experience of doing it really, but i think for most people the taboo of it all can be what is so exciting and such a turn on..would love to hear some thoughts or experiences! My mother was open with me sexually once I was old enough to appreciate it.

I don't know if we qualify as a "masturbating family" but my sister and I were always very close and this extended into pretty much all facets of growing up.

A friend, however, revealed to me in high school that his family was very open about masturbation.

His parents not only discussed it, but taught him how and provided material to make it better.

My sister is a couple of years older than me and when puberty hit her we were both curious about it, and we started as a lot of boys and girls do with show and tell.

I think we were aware that other brothers and sister's didn't do this, but for us it didn't seem wrong or even unnatural.

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I'm probably rambling on too much already but masturbation between us was very much "open" all the way through our teens.

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