Family dollar backdating

He wrote: "But if the curve is made to look reasonable, it is quite possible to adapt mathematical expressions to it and to determine, in this way, the peak dates corresponding to various ultimate recoverable reserve numbers" Hubbert used a semi-logistical curved model (sometimes incorrectly compared to a normal distribution).He assumed the production rate of a limited resource would follow a roughly symmetrical distribution.

In 1919, David White, chief geologist of the United States Geological Survey, wrote of US petroleum: "...

Depending on the limits of exploitability and market pressures, the rise or decline of resource production over time might be sharper or more stable, appear more linear or curved.

The same theory has also been applied to other limited-resource production.

After reaching a high of 85.6 million barrels (13,610,000 m In terms of oil use, transportation is the largest sector and the one that has seen the largest growth in demand in recent decades.

This growth has largely come from new demand for personal-use vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

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As a result, different oil forecasting studies have included different classes of liquid fuels.

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