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He walked over to her, she rolled to face the back of the couch and he came in from behind. It was time to take his friend's pussy and fuck it to submission.Warm cum gushed into a pussy begging to receive it.

Every nerve in her vagina was awake and receiving the gift of pleasure that the huge cock was giving her. They could have gone on like this for hours, but they would have lost track of time. They didn't care at all if folks in nearby cars heard. With her convulsions came a fountain of female ejaculation, her pussy squirted as he continued the cockjjamming. She whimpered, then screamed "no" as another wave, and another wave overtook her body. Because of his large body and yet the small size of the vehicle, his legs battered against the sides, but he was immune to pain, as his complete focus was on the pleasure being gifted by and reciprocated to his relentless cock.

He wedged himself between the back of the front seat and her open legs, lined up his huge junk to her salivating gap, and slid in. Up and down, smooth and decided, like a donkey jack pumping. Her sopping, soft pussy still wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, throbbed and twitched around the giant dick.

Instead of pounding her deep, he took a different tack. She watched the glistening shaft as he entered and exited. He continued to pound her despite her screams to stop.

He finally gave her reprieve and finished a few more strokes when they realized they would be late to work if they didn't stop now. You can really take my pounding cock." Her red flushed face tried to breathe deeply for air in the steamed up vehicle.

"To be continued" he said as he removed his member and buttoned up. Her eyes admired his still rock-hard organ, and her body continued what it was doing until her pussy admitted to her mind that the Perfect cock had been removed from it.

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