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Erica grow dating

Clearly it's not an issue as we have a lesbian character on the show – Calliope Torres.

Sara Ramirez is an incredible comedic and dramatic actress and we wanted to be able to play up her magic.

Upon her first appearance in the series it is established that Hahn is a long-time rival of main character and fellow cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke, dating back to their days at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where she graduated second after Burke.

She is introduced as a cardiothoracic attending surgeon at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital when she and Burke fight over a donor heart.

She later confesses to Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) that she is purposely hard on Cristina, as she reminds her of herself as a Resident.

The character deflects the romantic attention of fellow attending Mark Sloan, admitting that she finds him attractive but wishes to keep her private life separate from her working life.

Erica initially forgives her, but eventually decides that she does not want a relationship with Callie while she is still so unsure about her sexuality, and so leaves her post at Seattle Grace.

Hahn cultivates an antagonistic relationship with Burke's former protégée Cristina Yang, refusing to let her scrub in on surgeries, and constantly criticizing her overly enthusiastic behavior. Hahn was a recurring character through the show's second and third seasons, and joined the main cast in the fourth season. is a fictional character from the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, portrayed by actress Brooke Smith.I believe it belittles the relationship to simply replace Erica with 'another lesbian.' If you'll remember, Cristina mourned the loss of Burke for a full season.I was very excited when they told me that Erica and Callie were going to have this relationship.

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