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We go on, then I tell him I have to get going and reach into my purse for my cane, which has been folded in quarters and tucked neatly into my baggage so that it wouldn’t fall standing up. I went to Seattle, Washington for an internship in 2005 and I was amazed at the sightings: – 100-200 Deaf-Blind people live in WA State – In Seattle, I know of roughly 10 couples who are married, one half of them is blind, the other is sighted – Same city: two couples who are BOTH Deaf-Blind (and their lifestyle rocks – they just totally adapt! It gives you even more privileges, for instance, sight or sound and the other MIGHT feel inadequate.

I’m just annoyed sometimes that these potential suitors would quickly dismiss the budding romance just because I’m “blind”. I admit that if I were sighted and didn’t immerse myself into the Deaf-Blind community, I would have freaked at the thought of dating or even marrying someone who is fully blind. It’s the darkness and the silence he would go through, the emotions of feeling inadequate and insecure. I have to assure myself that one day I will meet him – the total gentleman, who believes in me as much as I do him, and the trust is wholesome.

Every person has the right to communicate and learning the language of those who cannot hear or speak the same way that you do displays an openness and compassion to understand others.Many deaf sites exist for those with a hearing loss and that includes a means for deaf people to receive deaf world news, review deaf events in Maryland, deaf events NYC or deaf events Bay Area, connect with deaf groups, create a deaf directory, find deaf resources, find a deaf chat online website, a deaf website and so much more.Because of the Internet, many deaf culture websites have sprung up and provide a wealth of resources for the deaf.Last week, I encountered a Deaf guy sitting across from me. Because sighted people are scared as shit – they don’t have the strength or courage to live with us on a daily basis.He seemed clueless that I call my cane my best friend, that at nights or special situations I use tactile for sign language, or even the fact that I am a budding leader for the Deaf-Blind. The light is shining through the windows from outside, and his signing is crystal clear because of that reason. Even the strongest, most independent Deaf-Blind (me) is single. I know it is frightening to imagine yourself (the sighted) falling in love with someone who has lost one or more senses than you do.

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I’m 27 years old, afflicted with Usher Syndrome and proudly Deaf – and single, too. Some people remain single because their personalities suck. Bad teeth, poor hygiene, Tourette’s syndrome or badly disfigured. I’ve had several guy friends – I emphasize, good guy friends, tell me the real reason why I’ve been dateless all my life, even during my 7 years at Gallaudet. Dating someone who might not be entirely independent and lacking an asset most Deaf people consider sacred (eyes, for those who haven’t figured it out) scares the shit out of some men, even some women. In my 7 years at Gallaudet, I have been asked out by 2 guys – and our dates ended up awkward, insecure. Most times their reaction would be as follows: I get it. He would wonder, “What’s really out there, what am I missing that she is not telling me? That is gonna be a bitch to find but I am determined.

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