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What they and their unexpected third see through the restaurant window may not tell the entire story of what is ... When Bernadette reverses her car into Dave's and the airbags in Dave's car deploy this is impossible for two reasons 1 The ignition would have to be on, 2 airbags deploy at a rate of deceleration and Bernadette wasn't going fast enough to cause them to deploy. See more » CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #508Sometimes I feel like I'm standing on a dock watching Western culture drift away from me like a massive boat. As I imagine it, the people on the deck are not waving goodbye. She shows us such a desire for love and understanding that we can’t help wanting her to find it.Styles and Hernandez play their respective roles with a whole lot of surprising heart and depth, creating layers to their conventional sidekick parts, when others might have settled for simple stereotypes. I’m not sure Weiner gives us enough to draw any conclusions at the end of their charade, so we are left with trying to solve the emotional puzzle on our own.Samantha stays a bit ambiguous; we understand her loneliness and isolation, but why choose a man to personify? Is she trying to treat other women in the way she would like to be treated? Finn and Weiner do a better job with the shy and nervous Layne as she confronts her own deception and revelations.It’s a journey we can get on board with, forgive, and also feel sympathy for.

The questions become if any women will show up and if they do if any of them will be who Sheldon was expecting. With a little effort I can take a skiff out to sea and scramble up that gangplank anytime I want. But we are not clear as to why it is his identity that she hijacks on the online dating service; stealing his words, phrases, life, and photos.Samantha as Dom actually turns out to be quite a good guy; caring and thoughtful, speaking to other suitors with kindness and respect.Down in the deep Roundabout Underground, we find ourselves face to face with Samantha, an obese woman, propped up in bed in Carson City, Nevada.She stares through us blankly as we walk into the theatre and take our seats to wait for . Herilihy (Samantha) shows great composure as her character waits for her home health aid, Delores (played with convincing charm and care by Socorro Santiago) to arrive.

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