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The NTRU public key cryptography system represents a significant improvement in the Public Key cryptography world—it’s faster, stronger and smaller than virtually any other system in use and it’s quantum computer resistant, making it the best choice for current projects with lifetimes that extend into the post quantum computer age."The open source licensing of the NTRU crypto system will make it even easier for wide-spread adoption of our X9.98 standard, allowing Financial Services companies to protect their important financial transactions", said executive director Cynthia Fuller of Accredited Standards Committee X9 -Financial Industry Standards.Security Innovation, Inc., the owner of the NTRU public key cryptography system, made the intellectual property and a sample implementation of NTRUEncrypt available to the public domain in 2017 with the goal of enabling more widespread adoption of this superior cryptographic technology.The NTRUMLS and PASS digital signature scheme is also available for commercial use under the terms of the Security Innovation Commercial License.

Here, we revisit the attacks on NTRU and propose another variant that is simpler and outperforms both of these attacks in practice.An overview of additional information can be found here NTRU is a lattice-based public key cryptosystem from Security Innovation and the leading alternative to RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) due to its higher performance and resistance to attacks from quantum computers.NTRU was developed in 1996 as a visionary solution to cyber security challenges for the twenty-first century.We √ can then show that for power of two cyclotomic fields, the time complexity is polynomial Finally, we show that, under heuristics, straightforward lattice reduction is even more efficient, allowing to extend this result to fields without non-trivial subfields, such as NTRU Prime.We insist that the improvement on the analysis applies even for relatively small modulus ; though if the secret is sparse, it may not be the fastest attack.

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NTRU is based on a mathematical problem called the “Approximate close lattice vector problem” and comprises three algorithms: NTRUEncrypt, NTRUMLS, and PASS=.

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