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Dating kp st kiss z

Shego also has an explosive temper, and is known to react with violence, or at least the threat of it, over even slight offenses, depending on the person responsible.

Shego appears to take a great deal of pride and enjoyment in being evil.

Drakken has, on numerous occasions, expressed the desire for Shego to be more supportive in his endeavors, having used mind control devices to ensure her obedience and even replaced her as sidekick with the alien, Warmonga.

Shego was a mercenary for hire, most often shown to be in the employment of Dr. Early on in the series, she was shown to be more respectful toward the mad scientist, however, as time went on, she seemed to take an increasingly dominant role in the partnership, going as far to bully her "boss" into abiding her wishes.

Drakken, though she did on occasion work with and for other villains, especially those who broke her out of prison for that very reason. She was often hypercritical of Drakken’s plans and openly mocks his decisions, and seemingly tolerated Drakken’s antics for the "mocking gold" his schemes granted her.

She is, according to several characters and Hench Co.'s Check Your Badness Level device, both more evil than Drakken, and has been shown to be a far greater threat to the world at large than him, despite her repeatedly being labeled as his sidekick.

Among the villain community, she is considered a far more effective strategist and partner than Drakken, as evidenced by how often she alone was liberated from prison by former colleagues, while Drakken was left behind.

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Shego seemed to legitimately care for Drakken, having saved his life several times.

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