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Dating insecure man

Some people are able to get past insecurities rather quickly and others hang onto it forever.

Since every man is different, it’s really up to you to decide whether one insecure man in particular is worth dating or not.

It also makes you compare your relationship to another and can sometimes lead you to believe that you’d be happier elsewhere due to your partner’s insecurities causing strife.

Many insecure people have a bad habit of putting others down in order to make themselves feel better – just like a bully would do.

But if you’re dating an insecure person, you may find that you lose trust in them for a number of different reasons.

Their name calling hurts you and you lose trust, their accusing you of cheating can make you lose trust in their ability to trust you, etc. The problem with lying is that there’s always a way to find out the truth and your dishonesty will hurt him in the end and cause more arguments than it’s worth.

An insecure man will try to smother his girlfriend in attempts to always know what she’s doing and to try and keep her happy.

When you’re dating an insecure person, you usually try to avoid doing things that upset them – like, spending time with friends that they are uncomfortable with, wearing certain outfits, and even having a specific hobby that somehow makes your man jealous.

Firstly, insecure people have a tendency to flirt more to make themselves feel better, and this sometimes leads to more. But you may want to seek out enjoyment from other people, too because of how much your insecure man is smothering you. Chances are you’ll come to understand his feelings and act accordingly.

No matter what reason he’s insecure for, you have to work through it if you think he’s a man worth dating. Reassure him often that you care about him and no one else.

A lot of them will build themselves up and get really excited for something only to bring down the evening with their jealousy or accusations.

Insecure people have very little trust to begin with usually, so that’s no surprise.

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Make sure he knows what he means to you and you’ll see how big of a difference that can make for his insecurity.

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