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Dating in the five college area

Compliment them on their eyes, smile, personality, etc.

Giving compliments reassures the person in a positive way.

Athletic events go largely unattended, as far as I could tell. The PVTA offers free bus rides to people with student id's which allows Smithies to go to the Holyoke Mall to see movies or shop at target or visit other schools and attend their events.

Often, doors are open when people are in them, depending on the person and the house. For those who like women, it can be a tumultuous and exciting scene.

Sometimes the first date can simply be a classic dinner.

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I am not much of a party person, but Smith parties aren't that great, with a few big exceptions.For those who like men, there is a bit more of a challenge but it gives us more space, which can be nice. We can be the women we want to be and allow others to be also. My door is always open when I'm home so people can stop and chat.Convocation sort of sets the tone for the school year each fall, when students dress in garish or sometimes nonexistant outfits and cheer and holler before listening to speakers and beginning the year. My closest friends on campus are my fellow Talbot 2nd Floor Seniors. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, it would be because I have a paper due and I would be out in the hallway in my folding chair working on it along with my other housemates who have something due.You don't have to be a relationship expert to have a great first date.First dates, and perfect dates, are all about being social and interactive. For a first date you shouldn't cram it into your schedule. So don't cram a coffee date in-between your classes, or right before work. Don't wear a dress or tux unless you were nominated for an award, or invited to a wedding.

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The Smith Democrats was the largest club when I was there.

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