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Soldering pewter is very risky, therefore most fascinating.

The process can be learned from many manuals of workshop practice. The writer prefers a blowpipe worked by the mouth, as in that case the flame is always under perfect control, and occasionally uses a small copper-bit heated by gas.

There is no room for theories in a book like this, and one can only write from personal experiment and knowledge and from practical experience. D 49 50 THE PEWTER COLLECTOR It will cause him to be too venturesome, and you will be deceived and led to think that you are collecting. 1675, 1685 Busfield, John • 1656-67 (York) Busfield, Thomas .

My special thanks are due to the Worshipful Company of Pewterers for permission to use my verbal descriptions of the touches from the 2nd edition of " Pewter Plate," 1910, and for permission to include drawings by Miss Sheila Mc Ewan of all the legible touches, and also to Mr. Do not advertise for any special article in pewter ; if you must, be very careful not to send a sketch of what you want.

Lastly, too, a preface is the best place to make a humble bow and ask to be excused if the little word "I" comes in too much. Don't be a party to this wrongful traf&c in pewter.

In any account that is personal, it is difficult to keep it out, but it may be excused if there be humility rather than egotism in the background. Don't buy everything that is offered to you by a dealer. 1709 (Edinburgh f) Burton, Robert 1619 Burton, Thomas • 1569 Burton, William .

It is quite possible that in the process a crack may develop, especially if there was a sharp angle in the part compressed by battering down.

Experience may be gained on some old plate or tankard, using one of the various paste fluxes now obtainable. All this may or may not be of interest to the reader, but it may just be worth noting as the record of the genesis of the writer's interest in the subject. In the case of tankards it often happens that the part of the drum which takes the pull and the thrust of the handle is too weak structurally in proportion to the weight of the tankard even when empty. Without study the collecting is apt to be unintelligent and useless in consequence. A preface, however, is the only place in which I can thank all the friends who for many years have contributed any new marks or touches that they met with or acquired. If the tankard is to be preserved the best plan is to reinforce the back from top to bottom with a strip about 2 in. Don't attempt to secure a specimen of all the objects that have been made in pewter. That evening meeting, however, bore fruit — he was told that two friends who had begun to collect information on the subject had been forced by other work to give up any idea of going on with vi THE PEWTER COLLECTOR it, and would gladly hand on their notes and sketches to him. In another desperate case — a thirteenth-century paten from the tomb of an ecclesiastic of high rank who had CLEANING AND REPAIRING OF PEWTER 47 been buried in one of our cathedrals — the writer made it fit to handle by coating it with many thin coats of a special white creamy cement till the back looked like a backing of porcelain. Boys at school will collect anything that any- body else is said to be collecting, and then in a short time drop the idea and collect something else. The usphot of this was that after some years' work at the subject " Pewter Plate " was published by Messrs. The same year the writer organized an Exhibition of Pewter in Clifford's Inn Hall, followed by another in 1908. Without the backing the piece could not have been safely handled except on a piece of glass. Imperial Enghsh measures (double volute thumb-pieces). A person who is grown up should certainly find out if he (or she) is inter- ested in the thing to be collected and studied.

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