Dating a paranoid man

Dating a paranoid man

Thankfully she has pushed me to seek help, been patient enough to see there is still some shred of hope, and has been the strong back that has weathered the storm - if our roles had been reversed...I would never have put up with all the crap I've piled at her feet.He told me another ex-girlfriend was all about getting married and that it was obvious she did not love him (he’s said to me’ is marrying him all I care about’ a few times lately) and another one tried to steal money from him after they bought a house together. He has now included that man and that man's girlfriend in our drama. I had to explain EVERYTHING that happened in my life or my ex would turn it into something sexual I did.I feel I’ve done everything I can, but still don’t want to let him walk away. We were at a park one day w/ our kids and he accused me of trying to get a grandpa's attention in front of him. I just bought new underwear and I took them out of the bag and took the tags off and put them on my bed to put away and he came over and automatically accused me of putting them out for when I have a guy over later!He says I shake my butt and walk slowly in front of his guy neighbors (I literally never even notice them! One day I had my period go through my pants at work and when I went home he literally made a spectacle of it outside of my apartment, because he didn't believe me..) There are sooooooo many more accusations I have heard in the last year that I would be on here for days listing them. We are broken up now, but I still care about him and am just hoping there is something that could help. he thought I just had an affair at work and was going to wash out the sex stains..then when he saw the blood it turned into 'oh you had period sex and to get an extra lunch break you bled through your pants on purpose so you could go home and see me on your "second break"' INSANE!!!If I ever dropped toothpaste on my shirt or something I would freak out thinking he'll think it is from sex w/ some guy.. Why in the world would someone from the family not warn an unsuspecting victim? While I am not the boyfriend of the writer, I am THAT boyfriend, or in this case, THAT husband.

But the "nutso" thoughts come packaged in such seemingly justified situations, that it becomes hard to differentiate from right thoughts and wrong thoughts.But because I keep “lying” about it – i.e.: my explanation not matching up with what he KNOWS occurred – I’m a horrible person, a horrible girlfriend and I treat him like s**t. He still tells me he loves me – but the look on his face tells me otherwise. That awful feeling of being with someone who is angrily involved in a world view you know to be insane. I honestly thought God was playing a cruel joke on me or something.And then sometimes, I get him back for a brief, fleeting moment. Suspecting everyone he was in contact with of trying to physically harm him. He is absolutely perfect in thousands of ways, but he is constantly accusing me of sleeping w/ people, flirting w/ people, trying to get guys attention, lying to him. he started stalking his house and messaging his wife and mom on facebook... Ever since then (mostly) I have heard almost daily about how I am cheating and lying.We had begun looking at apartments together with his daughter. Asked about men I had been speaking with on facebook, demanding to see my phone and text messages with one person in particular (the only male friend I chat with on facebook). Every once in a while, I get a glimpse of the man I fell in love with the first 6 months of our relationship but it has progressively gotten worse over the past 5 months. As we sat in a bar one night with one of his buddies – he became convinced that my spacing out about something was my making ‘googy eyes’ at his buddy. We walked into the bar just a few minutes apart and is convinced we had been together before we got there. He is abusive if not only emotionally right now - I don't want to see it get worse - and will not stick around to do so!!! But no - main difference is my ex was much more guarded in expressing his suspicions - I would guess that he was more open about it with girlfriends when he was younger, and learned to keep it to himself mainly. Worried when I ate fruit in bed, in case he misinterpreted the juice stains! He started talking more and more about violence, got more and more delusional and paranoid. I have to keep reminding myself of the worst times. We have no mutual friends and I avoid the only place I know he goes to. hasn't been diagnosed w/ Paranoid personality disorder, but the more I read about this I am convinced he has it.He read something, interpreted it as flirtatious and the rest is history. He tells me he would rather I just tell the truth about what happened and then he could forgive me. But even if the person is less insistent about it, even after being asked "Do you fancy this man? I do know that, whilst I can imagine an easygoing friendship, it can only exist in imagination. I don't miss the conspiracy theories, the being told I have a closed mind when I wouldn't agree with him - how even "Let's agree to differ" was unacceptable to him. It is so nice to find people who actually understand what I have been going through!!

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In the third month of our relationship - when he first met one of my best guy friends from college, within an hour, he pulled me aside and asked me when I slept with him.

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