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"Your brother usually practices on Mondays, doesn't he?

" Ashley followed her friend down the hall to the front door.

In her natural way, Ashley opened the door for her friend.

"Uh huh." "Morgan's got a game at six." The blonde turned to her friend.

"She means well." Makayla barked but Ashley knew her dog didn't exactly agree with her. "Not for me." Breanne saw the two glasses Ashley had on the counter. My next appointment's not for another hour." The invitation was welcome and Breanne figured she would tell her boss she got caught in traffic.

"I've gotta get back." It was the forlorn look on her friend's face that Ashley easily recognized from their many talks and she knew exactly what Breanne wanted. "It's the same old thing really." The blonde glanced at the empty glass on the counter. I don't know what she wants anymore." "Have you talked to her? " The blonde stared at the glass she had her hands wrapped around.

Thank you to those who helped me create this story. "How is it that you being afraid of my dog reminds you of asking me to go to that rinky dink bar again? And when I do get you a date, you don't even get her number." Ashley gently pushed her friend back down on the table. The massage therapist glided her hands up the full length of her friend's back causing a satisfied groan.

It's a story that will always be close to my heart. You know it's not my favorite place." Ashley had only been there once before about six months ago after going to a comedy club with her friends. Ashley didn't want to get into another conversation with her friend about the blind dates Breanne would set her up on.

However, she relented after seeing the imploring look from her friend's sad brown eyes.

If Ashley was upset by her dog's behaviors, it dissolved quickly as the Lab licked her face several times. "Come on." They walked back inside the apartment and Makayla followed Ashley to her small office.

Through the window, she saw the rain begin to lightly shower down.

"They want you back on the team, you know." Unconsciously, Ashley rubbed her neck again. with my neck." It was last January at the main four way stop in town when Ashley's dark blue Chevy truck was hit in the driver's door, spinning her truck around a 180 degrees.

She walked away from the accident with several big bruises and whiplash.

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Chapter One Ashley Moore worked her magical fingers over the tension filled muscles of her friend. " The longhaired blonde fidgeted under Ashley's expert hands. I don't know why she doesn't like me." Breanne Worthington squinted one brown eye at the object of her distraction. That's the trouble." After Makayla jumped up and left, the blonde sighed deeply. The blonde would just push harder and she didn't want to argue with her at the moment. Come on in to the kitchen when you're finished." Ashley gathered a few items and put them away neatly before she washed her hands.

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