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Cellvalidating error text

AFAIK the text on the cell does not update until you end editing it hence the dgv Show.

Clear() End If Next End Sub You should save the changes on After Edit() or End Update() (I don't recall the exact name). Cell End Edit 'Here you will get a new value of cell from dgv.

I have used cell validating event for checking whether the cell is empty or not.

In my sceanrio, i have removed already entered text in the cell and press on the "Enter" key.

but when I check an error occurs and tells that the value is null: if(column1.currentrow.column["My Coulmn"].value! event fired whenever the current row changed, not just only when editing only. Look like the Value Changing event is triggered while in editing. This is not needed in my case where I want to validate the new value when user pressed the Enter key. The Cell Validating event fires whenever user clicks on a row, not just in edit mode. Maybe because it could host other type of controls?

column, its value is tested for validity by checking that it is not empty.

Now the application display the error message as "Enter Name".

Now i am click on the other controls like button or checkbox (outside of the gridview), some of the control events(telerik controls) were fired and some (Non Telerik controls) was not fired. How to restirct the other controls(Non Telerik controls) event Regards, Sasi Hi Sasireka, I did not manage to reproduce the issue with the latest release Q3 2012 SP1.

Private Sub dgv Show_Key Press(By Val sender As System.

Key Press Dim sb3 As New String Builder Dim da2 As New Sql Data Adapter For i As Integer = 0 To dgv Show.

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