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Can radiometric dating be wrong

Thus Krauss and others battling against the mythical God-of-the-gaps sound like a clever mechanic who imagines that just because he can explain how a car works he has done away with the Manufacturer.

I wish I had a dollar for every time an atheist insisted to me that I am an atheist with respect to Thor, Zeus, Krishna, and so on, and that atheists just go "one god more".

The faithful account for an inordinate amount of "volunteering hours", they give blood at higher-than-normal rates, and the largest charities are mostly Christian organizations.

This doesn't make Christians better than atheists, but it puts the lie to the claim that they're worse. Wells (a professor of German language, not a historian), published his own change of mind right about the time came out.

But serious theists have always leaned on philosophical, theological, and personal arguments for God, instead of proposing a God-of-the-gaps.

They've also welcomed explanations of the mechanics of the universe as further indications of the rational order of reality, and therefore of the presence of a Mind behind reality.

This isn't Christians retreating before the troubling advances of science.

From the earliest centuries many of the greats of Judaism (e.g., Philo and Maimonides) and Christianity (e.g., Clement, Ambrose, and Augustine) taught that the "six days" of Genesis are a literary device, not a marker of time.

Atheism is not just an extension of monotheism any more than celibacy is an extension of monogamy.

This is the 1,984th year since April 7, AD 30, the widely accepted date among historians for the crucifixion of Jesus (the 1,981st if you find the arguments for April 3, AD 33 persuasive).

Christians have been pondering this stuff for a long time.

But in the interests of a more robust debate, I want to offer my tips for atheists wanting to make a dent in the Faith.

I've got some advice on arguments that should be dropped and some admissions about where Christians are vulnerable.

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